Adventure More, Stress Less - What insurance do I REALLY need for adventure travel?

So you’re looking for adventure? In this article we will define what adventure travel really is, what insurance you may already have and what it covers and then what we, as explorers and professional adventure travel bookers and planners recommend.



  • Adventure travel is frequently misunderstood. Many will jump to the EXTREMES of adventure pursuits; base jumping canyons, heli-drop alpine skiing, mountain unicycling or Volcano Boarding (apparently a wildly popular, mainly Nicaraguan activity of riding a sheet of metal or wood down the side of a volcano - I mean, sure I’ll give it a go). Regardless of your assumption of what an adventure sport is, adventure travel can be summed up as something I am sure many of us have done, even without realizing it.

  • According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel is considered an activity that must contain three key ingredients: physical activity, a connection with nature and an immersive cultural experience.

  • Based on that, adventure is something that we experience in travel without even trying. The question this brings to mind is, what does Adventure Travel Insurance cover and what’s the difference with regular travel insurance?

Before we answer those important questions, it's useful to look at what you’re likely already paying for and see where it gets you:


  • Health Insurance

    • Most people have general health insurance - good for you; for adult-ing. For the most part if you are looking into traveling and aim to participate in some form of physical activities,  making sure your health insurance will get you back home (if international), or at least cover any doctor visits if necessary is likely the most you can hope for.

  • Do you have a credit card?

    • Many credit cards offer travel insurance. Coverage for your plane tickets and rental car may already be included, so be sure to check before booking (many require the card to be used for the purchase or deposit to be valid)

  • So if you have health insurance and a credit card you may have your logistics covered for your trip - GREAT.

  • But what activities do you have planned? AND what kind of fun camera, computer or electronic equipment are you bringing with you to document your adventures? Most general insurance plans do not cover specific physical activities (it is always a good idea to check in with your health insurance policy to see what is covered if you know the types of adventures you want to go on).

  • Planning on rock climbing, mountain biking, or river rafting? These aren’t extreme sports, although these activities often place you in a “NO COVERAGE ZONE” when participating. Plus that gopro and new Iphone XR are definitely not covered if they splash overboard on one of those class 4-rapids.


  • The company we use regularly and will recommend to EVERY ADVENTURE SEEKER is World Nomads they are ADVENTURERS, they are TRAVELERS and best of all they are PROFESSIONALS. World Nomads covers everything from injuries from adventure sports not covered by other insurance policies, like high-lining and mountain biking all the way to your gopro, camera equipment and lost baggage. The best part is THEY ARE AFFORDABLE, for $100 you could be covered for two weeks packed full of all of the adventure activities you could ever hope for and everything from your bags, clothes, cameras and fingers will be covered.

  • We know planning and booking your adventure alone can be stressful (it is why we built a business around helping others do it) but that doesn't mean you need to be worrying about how hard you want to “crush” on your adventure experience.

  • As an Adventure Focused Booking and Planning company we have heard plenty of stories of the adventure becoming more than what was bargained for. Frankly, it is why we get out and push our comfort zones to experience it. Adventure is not SUPPOSED to be comfortable. BUT that doesn’t mean you go into the wild unprepared - we all know that will end in disaster.

  • As experienced explorers ourselves and as people who like to keep the opportunity for adventure WIDE OPEN, we always have a back-up plan for those just-in-case-im-not-the-black-diamond-skier-I-thought-I-was, we never expect to get hurt but neither does anyone else.

  • We also have adventure insurance for our equipment - we own a lot of gear and any gear-head knows that sh** is expensive. We want to take our equipment home with us and so having insurance that covers it being stolen or broken is essential.

  • We live on and through our gear. Period. But you don’t have to be lugging your trad-rack around the continental US to benefit from adventure insurance coverage.

So, we understand that paying for insurance never feels like it’s going to be worth it and unfortunately it’s a decision that fits into the age old recommendation that , “it’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it” so if you are seeking adventure remember what Benjamin Franklin said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” We have far too many adventures ahead of us my friend - so let’s be prepared.