The Ultimate Dog-Friendly Guide to Exploring Zion


Is Zion Dog Friendly?

Meatball taking in the desert views.

Meatball taking in the desert views.

Everybody loves travelling and adventuring with their four-legged friends, but sometimes you just don’t know if you are going to be able to have some fun with Fido on your trip.  Zion National Park is by far one of the most beautiful places on Earth and needs to be explored; however, having your buddy along for the trip can be a challenge while visiting Zion.  Today, you are in luck because I’m going to provide you with some of the best activities to do while in Zion with your dog.

First,  what are the challenges to having a dog in Zion?  Weather is the big challenge for most canines.  While nights are generally cool and pleasant, the days here can be hot!  Leaving your dog behind in the car with a window cracked while you adventure in the park is not an option.  Even if you have a well insulated van or camper, the temperature in them can rise to degrees that would be damaging to your pet.

But friends, there are some options.  Here in Springdale we have a doggy day care called Doggy Dude Ranch.  Be sure that you plan ahead when making your reservation with the Doggy Dude Ranch.  They are open 9AM-5PM Tuesday - Saturday, but with previous notice, they can accept dogs at almost any time.  The other option is to spend the day walking around town and popping into many of the shops and guide companies while letting Fido tag along.  Most of the shop owners are very friendly and love dogs, and if you can establish a connection with them, some may even offer to doggy sit for the day.  Check in at Zion Cycles or Deep Creek Coffee Co. for a local dog walker named McKenna.  I’ve also included a list of dog friendly accommodations here.

Meatball and Penny Lane enjoying a break on Pa’rus Trail.

Meatball and Penny Lane enjoying a break on Pa’rus Trail.

Can’t imagine leaving Fido behind while you go on your adventure?  Neither can we! This list of activities that you can include your furry friend in should help you prevent that.  Clearly, you're visiting Zion to experience the beauty the park has to offer, and Fido wants to be dazzled by it just as much as you.  There is only one dog friendly trail in the park and that is the Pa’rus TrailHere is a quick guide to hiking it.  Keep in mind that this is also a bike-friendly trail so make sure to be mindful of other people and always clean up after your dog.  There is also George Barker Park right here in Springdale that has a beautiful river-front picnic area and an off-leash area once you cross over the bridge to the other side of the river.

Some of the other activities to take part in with your dog are a little further out if you are staying right here in Springdale, but are beautiful nonetheless.  Here is a quick list of places to check out:

Also, all around Zion National Park is BLM land that is accessible for some back country off-trail adventures.  Just be conscious of the wild life and wild plants.  If you don’t know what a goat head is, you will become familiar very quickly.

Travelling to other areas of Utah? Check out this post for some other ideas for tips and tricks on getting you and your pet exploring the beauty of Utah.  And if you haven’t experienced the desert with your furry friend, make sure you read this article delineating ways of protecting your pet.

Finally, if you don’t want to think about what to do with Fido and just want to embark on an adventure, let us take you along. We have a trip already planned for you from a day trip to an all-out camping adventure with treats and snacks for Fido!