Type 2 Fun - What is it and why is it only fun AFTER an adventure?

If you read our post on Why Adventure? The purpose of experiencing discomfort and adversity you will have learned that adventuring and exploring are key ways to continue to learn and evolve. Adventure puts you outside your comfort zone and we are better for it when faced with challenges that we are able to overcome.

The downside of intentionally seeking discomfort and adversity is that you will likely find it and when you do - the FUN that you originally hoped to experience by getting out on an adventure may not be present the whole time.

This is OK - in fact it’s sometimes better.

In these moments, moments of being so cold you can't feel your fingers or lost in a place where you don’t speak the language, you will likely feel afraid, angry or frustrated with your partner or group AND that's OK because...

These are the moments that make for GREAT STORIES.


Your glamorous shots of breathtaking landscapes and your perfectly lit dinner selfie are nice, we get it that you want to share with the world what an awesome experience you’re having on your adventure. I promise you though, those “likes” and “heart” comments won’t be remembered the second after you see the number under the post.

You WILL however, ALWAYS remember the day you went canyoneering and dropped your helmet off the ledge you are about to rappel down. You WILL have a GREAT story for your friends when you come back from your white water rafting adventure where you were tossed out of the boat in 30 degree water and had to swim through type 3 rapids. You will remember these moments because you will be scared. You will feel helpless and probably cold or be in some sort of slight pain. It will probably NOT be fun in the moment.

This is Type 2 Fun.

It is the moments experienced where you really are not having any fun at all - but once you are home, back in the comforts that you appreciate and sitting at dinner with your friends, that you are telling your story of how you survived the EPIC swim in the rapids and how your helmet caught on a branch just below the rappel and you had to learn to anchor off to retrieve it. You will tell these stories and you will laugh at how crazy it was and your friends will revel at how exciting and adventurous your trip was.  They won’t tell you that they thought the picture you posted was cute or how breathtaking the landscape picture was. They will however re-live your experience of fear and discomfort and it will be fun, for you and them, to know you are indeed a Badass.