Why Adventure - The Purpose of Experiencing Discomfort and Adversity

Few people enjoy feeling uncomfortable.

Discomfort is most plainly defined as ‘experiencing slight pain’ and this is something that I would doubt many aim to experience regularly. The fact is, much of our lives, and the technology that surrounds us has evolved for the sole purpose of trying to eradicate as much discomfort and adversity as possible.

The issue with that, is that we need it.

As humans we have evolved BECAUSE of the uncomfortable, adversities that we have been presented with throughout our humanity. Having to learn how to run from predators and cultivate barren landscapes has been the reason for not only our survival but for our rapid development on this planet.

So, why does adversity matter TODAY?

Our current lives, and all of their comforts have inadvertently given us very small spheres of comfort. Adversity and discomfort expands our comfort zones - it makes us more able to handle the “rough” days and to appreciate the good ones. To step outside of what you feel is comfortable gives your mind and your body the ability to continue to learn and evolve. Given much of our immediate surroundings are here to provide comfort, you have to be active in pushing yourself to experience the discomforts and adversities that you truly need to appreciate those comforts in the first place.


Adventure is a relative term and so is discomfort. For every person, your experience of doing something adventurous will be different. It could be going on a trip outside of your state for vacation or going mountain biking because you’ve only ever peddled a road bike or traveling to a foreign country, with no money and only relying on the kindness of others to make your way around (The Kindness Diaries). Regardless of what experience puts you outside your comfort zone, adventuring and exploring are sure ways to ensure that you will be challenged and pushed to become a better, more evolved you.

By keeping in mind that it is healthy and helpful to experience discomfort you can look at your lush, comfy world a bit differently and look for ways to experience more adventure in your life. You will open space for more gratitude for the technologies and areas in our lives that create so much comfort. So, I challenge you to get up, get out and explore - I promise the adventure will be worth the discomfort.