guided zion day Trips

These zion trips are available anytime and don’t require a lengthy booking process.



explore zion’s canyons

Canyoneering is the premier activity to push your boundaries and explore the deserts of Southern Utah. You will spend the day hiking, route finding, rappelling, scrambling, and bouldering. This is an activity for all abilities.
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Ride the best of the Southwest

From desert single-track and slick rock to beautiful, scenic, road rides, we have it all. Weave your way through the canyon and explore a different side of Zion that can only be experienced on the saddle of bike. Want more details on all biking options and what is included? Click here


rock climbing

climb desert sandstone

Rock climbing the sand stone cliffs is a unique challenge that is rarely matched. Your physical, mental, and emotional barriers are tested. Utah sandstone offers different challenges to the beginner while giving the avid climber unique holds and routes to tackle.
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hike zion

This is Zion. Hiking is by far one of the best activities to take part in here in Zion. Not only are there a ton of trails, but there are also some of the most unique hikes in the world found here. Some of the more adventurous hikers will brave these trails on their own, however, if you feel more confident with the knowledge and skill of a local guide we’ve got you covered.